September 28 2014

Hello! My Name Is…


Hello my name is Zaida. I was once lost but now I’m found.

Does this sound like you too?  That’s ok because we all go through this at one point or another in our life and sometimes several times at that.  As I prepare to finish my 40th year of living and enter my 41st, I look back and analyze all that has come and gone.  I have referred in the past to life as a roller coaster full of thrills, spirals, fear falls and straightaways.  When I meditate on what God is doing in my life, I can never explain it or understand it at times.  What I do know is that when I call on Him or cry out in fear, God calms the storm brewing in my mind and heart.  One way I always feel comforted and in union with the Spirit is when I listen to worship music when I am writing or needing an escape from this world.  I once heard a beautiful song that said, “Hold me Jesus because I’m shaking like a leaf.”  These words resounded in my core because so many times I have called upon Him when I have felt that storm arise from within.  Jesus is the only Prince of Peace…Yours and Mine. When I can’t be strong, I don’t have to be because He is my strength.  When my heart and soul is in need of repair and I thirst for the Living Water, I call upon Jesus to fill me.  Don’t ever feel that your problem or situation is too difficult or too small for God to handle.  Nothing is impossible for our Heavenly Father. NOTHING!

Here is another beautiful song I can relate to because I have fallen hard flat on my face many times in my life and I thank God that I am still covered by His Grace and unconditional love.  I hope it will speak to your heart as well because it is always Good to know that no matter the circumstance, God ALWAYS welcomes us in His presence.

“Good To Know”
Writer(s): Jason Walker, Francesca Battistelli
Copyright: Word Music LLC, Dayspring Music LLC

Hello, old friend
I know it’s been a while
I’m here again
And it won’t be the last time
I fall apart
But You won’t let me get too far
You’re speaking to my heart[Chorus]
It’s good to know
It’s good to feel the arms of grace
To know that my mistakes are covered by Your love
It’s good to know
It’s good to see that You won’t change
When it’s said and done
You’ll always be enough
To know that I can always come back home
It’s good to know
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
It’s good to know
Oh, Oh, Oh, OhGoodbye, old me
Yeah there’s so much more that I
Know I could be
So take my worries with
You when you leave
There’s hope that I am counting on
‘Cause I’m never too far gone[Chorus]
It’s good to know
It’s good to feel the arms of grace
To know that my mistakes are covered by Your love
It’s good to know
It’s good to see that You won’t change
When it’s said and done
You’ll always be enough
To know that I can always come back home
It’s good to know
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
It’s good to know
Oh, Oh, Oh, OhIt’s good to know
That there’s a second chance
Know that it’s all in Your hands
Even if I just don’t understand
‘Cause I know that I will be alright
I finally see the other side
It takes the darkness to open up your eyes
SometimesIt’s good to know
It’s good to know
I’m covered by Your loveIt’s good to know
It’s good to see that You won’t change
When it’s said and done You’ll always be enough
To know that I can always come back home
To know that You will never let me go
It’s good to know
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
It’s good to know
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
August 30 2014

Lead with GODfidence

IMG_2585.PNGI have always been a free spirit and God has used my trials in life to build something I call GODfidence. Having GODfidence has built up my Visionary Perspective to laser focus on my goals, dreams and mission God has planned for me and those in my life. When I give, I give 100%. When I motivate, I motivate 100%. When I care, I care 100%. When I love, I love unconditionally 100%.

Sometimes the world tries to shake me and scare me while I’m trying to climb out on the limb of blind faith. But I continue to give all of me through the hurt, pain and wait because when God instructs me to go out on that limb, I know the reward will be greater then the fear of falling or failing and again GODfidence takes over.  It is not being afraid of the fight you might encounter or the loss you might need to endure, it is knowing that God has something better and greater for you. The reward is so much sweeter when you have to work hard for it. When God has placed something in my heart and I know, that I know, that I know that it’s real, all I do is grab a hold of Jesus’ hand and trust in Him to go out on that limb together. Jesus will always lead us because “We can do ALL things and endure ALL things through Christ who gives me strength!”IMG_2586-1.JPG

August 26 2014

Stay Connected!

@LeadershipCLC: “Always stay plugged in and when you notice you aren’t, just extend your hand to the sky!”- Zaida Warner


I am having one of those days where I don’t have just one arm extended but two! When anxiety and/or sadness begin to creep over me for no reason, I know it’s because the enemy is trying to stop me from a task God has planned for me that day. I have learned to discern and take it not day by day but moment by moment because it’s easier to know that God is really there with me every step of the way. God knows my heart, my thoughts and I call on Him to take over not just when I can’t but ALL THE TIME!

Have a blessed faith filled day with arms extended!

August 20 2014

Mid-Week Morning Reflection 8/20/14

Mid week reflection: As I hold the small hands of my children while I walk them into each of their classes, they are comforted and secured by my hold that I love them and protect them. This gives them the strength and faith to let go of my hand and go on with complete blind faith knowing that even though they can’t see me, they have no doubt that I will return at the end of the day to pick them up. I think for a little child to have that much faith speaks VOLUMES! God only calls us to have faith as small as a mustard seed in Him that at the beginning, middle and end of our day, God is ALWAYS there to pick us up…why can’t more of us adults feel secure in knowing that? Matthew 17:20 He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Have a blessed FAITH filled day! ~ Zaida Warner


August 17 2014

Brand New Kind Of Me

brandnewkindofmeWhere do I begin…

It’s amazing how a year goes by so quickly and how things change and develop.  Sometimes the way you planned and other times completely different.   I have been thinking for the last few months, weeks, days and down to the minutes, how things are not always what they seem.  I guess there is always so much more that is going on behind the scenes of life that you get to a point where reality blends with dreams or in many cases nightmares.

A few years ago I went through a health scare that God used to take me to another spiritual level in my relationship with Him.  The past few months I have gone through a similar situation with another health scare, this time a little different.  This time I was dealing with not just a physical scare but an emotional one as well.   Even though I was concerned over what my new diagnoses could be, I knew that God was not done with me yet.  On the emotional side, I wasn’t too sure and that started to scare me and fill me with fears I was not use to dealing with.  I have to be honest, I was so wrapped up living in the world were I was beginning to place my value in man, that many things that use to be a priority for me began to take a back seat and new things took precedence instead.  All I can say now looking back is wrong move on my chess board of life.  Major Detour!  Now I was still being me and trying to be that light God calls us to be, at least I thought I was, but somewhere along the journey I allowed my peace and light to be stolen from me.  Let me say that again…I ALLOWED it to be stolen from me.  I was blinded by the temptations of this world and the greed that comes with it.  I allowed the door that God had opened to be taken off the hinges, to be exposed to a world I was not familiar with or had ever been part of.  I thought I was strong enough to handle whatever was going to come my way and I could control the outcome in a positive way.  Then I came face to face with lies, deception and pain that is still very alive and lurking in the darkness of today’s ugly world.  I allowed the pain of others to be injected into my veins like an IV but yet at the same time, every part of me and who God had created me to be was being sucked right out.  There was less of me and more of this world.  I began to lose my joy and the pure essence of what makes me the me that people know.   I never intended any of it to happen but it did and all I had to blame was myself.  As I said before, I had allowed all of it to happen to me or at least I thought I did.

As I began to deal with the physical part of me that was hurting and in pain, the emotional part took a turn for the worst.  I was exposed to a heavy cross full of hurt, fear, despair and anguish that wasn’t my responsibility to deal with or carry.  It was placed on me and I believed I had to deal with it.  I found myself in a very low and vulnerable place and spiritually dimming as time passed.  I began to cry for help literally on my knees for God to send anyone to pull me up from the pit I had fallen into.  I kept saying “How did I get here?”  “How could I allow myself to get to this place of pain and mourning?”  I felt as if I was drowning and choking.  I couldn’t breathe literally and felt completely helpless and hopeless.  That is when I came to realize I was not strong enough to deal with all the lies that were planned by the enemy.  I had become the #1 target on the enemy’s hit list and I was losing the battle or again I thought I was.  But I was created in His image and have been molded and carved to become the Woman God needs me to be and God ALWAYS has the last word.  He did intercede for me and not in a way I thought He would.  He sent me Earthly Angels from all over to reach out to me and speak words of Encouragement and words of Hope.  He removed the cross that was placed on me and immediately began to fill me up again with Hope and Love from places I never expected.  Jesus came in, pulled me up and swept me off my feet.  He consumed me from the inside out.  He saved me…AGAIN!

Unfortunately there are so many hurting people roaming this world trying to still find true peace, happiness and asking for love or to be loved but not realizing that it’s only found in one man, Jesus.  People think that protection is found in a symbol, a sign or a physical object but the truth is that there is nothing on this Earth that offers protection.  They want false protection from what is offered by others or the greed and protection of money but missing the ultimate protection and love that only comes from our Heavenly Father.  We as followers of Christ can offer love and support to others to share His unconditional love but God has given us free will to choose and if others do not accept Christ into their hearts, there is nothing we can do to change that.

I am thankful for accepting Jesus into my life at a young age and for allowing Him to use me to bring light into this world.   You see the great thing about our loving God and knowing that Jesus is with me everyday is that no matter whatever faults I have or wrongs I do, I am forgiven immediately when I ask my Heavenly Father for forgiveness.  Jesus came down over 2,000 years ago to rescue you and me and still continues to rescue us everyday with His unconditional love, mercy and grace.  As I write this I am still recuperating from both physical and emotional surgery from things that were removed and things that were replaced to heal me from within.  I am still filled with all kinds of emotions from pain and hurt at times to pure joy and laughter but one thing for me always stays steady and that is my love and faith in Christ.  The mission God has planned for me is so much bigger and better than I can ever imagine that it makes me want to be a braver and stronger me.  I can still hear the words, “I want you to love me.” resounding in my ear 24/7 but the best part is knowing those words are coming from my Heavenly Savior.   I am not at 100% but I am well on my way to a Brand New Kind of Me!

This is dedicated to those that feel lost and need an Angel: “‘Cause this won’t be the last time you’ll need a little hope but I want to be the first to let you know, I’ll be the angel by your side.”

June 3 2014

A Living Prayer While Running the Race

 cleanseUse me Father God and remove all of me so there can be all of YOU!

“I have been renewed and I am stronger than ever before.” Each day these are the words of affirmation that I repeat to myself to get myself up and going while running this race of life. “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.” 1 Corinthians 9:24. I ask my Heavenly Father to guide me in everything I do and that I may run the race to achieve the prize which God has promised. I ask that my words be His words and my actions be His actions because we are called to be Christ like. We must love like Christ. We must speak like Christ. We must live like Christ. But every day that becomes harder. We are faced with pains, fears and disappointments. But when we overcome those trials, we become stronger than before.

Unfortunately in life we are also surrounded by “Joy Suckers”. You know those kind of people that everyone thinks are great and all but in reality they are there to rob and destroy you through their words and actions. They say they are pulled and drawn to you by your peace and spirit but again with a double edged sword on their agenda. Sometimes when you are a Giver, you want to see and find the good in all people. There is evil in this world and when you are an Ambassador of Christ, you are the number one target on the enemy’s list. I’m not saying to walk around with your guards up because everyone is out to get you but those that do not have strong faith are bound to fall and pull you down quicker if you are not walking strong in your faith. As it says in 1 Peter 5:8,” Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

Well newsflash Joy Suckers… What you see through my eyes is a soul that is filled with peace and a spirit that comes from the Lord and what I have you will never be able to take away. I am on a mission! I am a force for good and a force for GOD! The light that lives within me and the peace that draws people near CAN NOT be diminished and is blessed by the grace of God and my love and light is so those can see through the eyes of Jesus.

My prayer is that all may feel our Father’s love through all I say and do. May God be the one that softens your heart and may His spirit begin to work within you and make your light shine brighter so that others may also feel His goodness and peace. I have hope and will always have hope because the storms that come my way are not bigger than my GOD!

These two songs following are the words that my heart and spirit sing to my Father God and I hope it resonates within you as well.

Many of God’s beautiful blessings,

Coach Z

May 11 2014

Because I’m A Mom…


Because I’m A Mom by Zaida M. Warner

Because I’m a Mom…I can feel happiness.

Because I’m a Mom…I can show compassion.

Because I’m a Mom…I can show gratitude.

Because I’m a Mom…I can help soothe the pain.

Because I’m a Mom…I can listen.

Because I’m a Mom…I can motivate.

Because I’m a Mom…I can inspire.

Because I’m a Mom…I can turn a frown upside down.

Because I’m a Mom…I can bring laughter into a room.

Because I’m a Mom…I can multitask.

Because I’m a Mom…I can show tough love.

Because I’m a Mom…I can be honest.

Because I’m a Mom…I can trust.

Because I’m a Mom…I remove boundaries.

Because I’m a Mom…I push harder.

Because I’m a Mom…I cry.

Because I’m a Mom…I feel pain deeper.

Because I’m a Mom…I love harder.

Because I’m a Mom…I have moments.

Because I’m a Mom…I fail at times but when I do, God ALWAYS steps in.

Because I’m HIS Masterpiece…I AM A MOM!

This is dedicated to all the women I know that are Moms, Aunts, Sisters, Wives or who has shown unconditional love to another.

Thank you for being YOU!


April 14 2014

Lentan Devotional: Strong Enough

hqdefaultToday as I reflect, I come to realize that sometimes in life the biggest sacrifices cause a lot of pain but they also bring the biggest and best rewards as an outcome…just like Jesus dying for us.  It is so hard for me to sit and smile at times when my heart is aching from patiently waiting for what God has placed in my path.  Sometimes we go through things that open our eyes to the realty of our actions and we humble ourselves to God’s grace.  I thank God for His continued guidance and unconditional love that no one else can give.  I know that my priority in life is and will always be God.  Placing everything else after my God, insures that He has control over my life and my journey ahead.  He makes me STRONG ENOUGH!

Read: 2 Corinthians 12:9-10, Ephesians 3:16, Habakkuk 3:19

Prayer: Bless you Jesus, I worship your Holy name.  Lead me to the cross and bring me to my knees and strip me from all that is not from or of you. Galatians 6:9 (NIV) “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Meditate: Now breathe in and out slowly while you count to 30 and let Him speak to your heart. BE IN HIS PRESENCE.


April 6 2014

Lentan Devotional Day 32: Unconditional Love

love-quotes-for-her-wallpaper1Sometimes in life you encounter moments that are etched into your heart forever.   Awhile back, I went through another experience that was truly life changing.  I came into this event with no expectations and open to whatever God would allow me to learn.  One thing I experienced was thinking and revisiting my past and envisioning my future.  I feel that God allows us sometimes to revisit our pasts so we can reevaluate and prepare ourselves to take a giant leap forward.  I came to realize how grateful I was for my past, my memories and the ones that have contributed to the woman I am today.  When envisioning the future, I could feel the pure joy, peace and a feeling of love so passionate, that it felt as if electric currents were going through my body every time I would feel this unconditional love.  Still till this very day, I can feel that same feeling.  It is how I can receive it as confirmation of what God has planned and is allowing to happen as time passes for my future.  With every breathe I would take and still do, the deeper the love sinks into my heart.  The more I look through His eyes the more I feel it in my soul.   This feeling is how God feels for us when we accept Him into every part of our life.

As God begins to reveal your future, listen closely to your heart and when fear appears know that it’s not from your Heavenly Father.  Pray and take yourself back to that happy place of unconditional love and focus on what God has planned and wants to reveal to you.  The enemy will always place road blocks and fear when you are walking towards the right path.  Know you are ALWAYS protected and God always has your best interests in mind.  I am so thankful beyond words how every moment that God has allowed me to experience continues to shape me into the woman of courage, strength and no limits.  He is molding me to be, who He wants me to be and that is my Destiny.  I choose for the next season of my life to be unconditionally happy, I choose to be fully present and at peace, and I choose to fully love unconditionally with no limits because my Father is in control!

I wanted to share this beautiful video from the Piano Guys.  As a ballet dancer, I have always had a love for classical music and have felt a beautiful peace and presence when I listen to soft sweet sounds of instruments.  When I came across this video, I was left in awe as it combined God’s Wonder and Beauty with amazing talent.  If I could explain my happy place right now…this would be it…Enjoy!

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”― Elisabeth Kübler-Ross