A Living Prayer While Running the Race

 cleanseUse me Father God and remove all of me so there can be all of YOU!

“I have been renewed and I am stronger than ever before.” Each day these are the words of affirmation that I repeat to myself to get myself up and going while running this race of life. “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.” 1 Corinthians 9:24. I ask my Heavenly Father to guide me in everything I do and that I may run the race to achieve the prize which God has promised. I ask that my words be His words and my actions be His actions because we are called to be Christ like. We must love like Christ. We must speak like Christ. We must live like Christ. But every day that becomes harder. We are faced with pains, fears and disappointments. But when we overcome those trials, we become stronger than before.

Unfortunately in life we are also surrounded by “Joy Suckers”. You know those kind of people that everyone thinks are great and all but in reality they are there to rob and destroy you through their words and actions. They say they are pulled and drawn to you by your peace and spirit but again with a double edged sword on their agenda. Sometimes when you are a Giver, you want to see and find the good in all people. There is evil in this world and when you are an Ambassador of Christ, you are the number one target on the enemy’s list. I’m not saying to walk around with your guards up because everyone is out to get you but those that do not have strong faith are bound to fall and pull you down quicker if you are not walking strong in your faith. As it says in 1 Peter 5:8,” Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

Well newsflash Joy Suckers… What you see through my eyes is a soul that is filled with peace and a spirit that comes from the Lord and what I have you will never be able to take away. I am on a mission! I am a force for good and a force for GOD! The light that lives within me and the peace that draws people near CAN NOT be diminished and is blessed by the grace of God and my love and light is so those can see through the eyes of Jesus.

My prayer is that all may feel our Father’s love through all I say and do. May God be the one that softens your heart and may His spirit begin to work within you and make your light shine brighter so that others may also feel His goodness and peace. I have hope and will always have hope because the storms that come my way are not bigger than my GOD!

These two songs following are the words that my heart and spirit sing to my Father God and I hope it resonates within you as well.

Many of God’s beautiful blessings,

Coach Z

Because I’m A Mom…


Because I’m A Mom by Zaida M. Warner

Because I’m a Mom…I can feel happiness.

Because I’m a Mom…I can show compassion.

Because I’m a Mom…I can show gratitude.

Because I’m a Mom…I can help soothe the pain.

Because I’m a Mom…I can listen.

Because I’m a Mom…I can motivate.

Because I’m a Mom…I can inspire.

Because I’m a Mom…I can turn a frown upside down.

Because I’m a Mom…I can bring laughter into a room.

Because I’m a Mom…I can multitask.

Because I’m a Mom…I can show tough love.

Because I’m a Mom…I can be honest.

Because I’m a Mom…I can trust.

Because I’m a Mom…I remove boundaries.

Because I’m a Mom…I push harder.

Because I’m a Mom…I cry.

Because I’m a Mom…I feel pain deeper.

Because I’m a Mom…I love harder.

Because I’m a Mom…I have moments.

Because I’m a Mom…I fail at times but when I do, God ALWAYS steps in.

Because I’m HIS Masterpiece…I AM A MOM!

This is dedicated to all the women I know that are Moms, Aunts, Sisters, Wives or who has shown unconditional love to another.

Thank you for being YOU!


Lentan Devotional: Strong Enough

hqdefaultToday as I reflect, I come to realize that sometimes in life the biggest sacrifices cause a lot of pain but they also bring the biggest and best rewards as an outcome…just like Jesus dying for us.  It is so hard for me to sit and smile at times when my heart is aching from patiently waiting for what God has placed in my path.  Sometimes we go through things that open our eyes to the realty of our actions and we humble ourselves to God’s grace.  I thank God for His continued guidance and unconditional love that no one else can give.  I know that my priority in life is and will always be God.  Placing everything else after my God, insures that He has control over my life and my journey ahead.  He makes me STRONG ENOUGH!

Read: 2 Corinthians 12:9-10, Ephesians 3:16, Habakkuk 3:19

Prayer: Bless you Jesus, I worship your Holy name.  Lead me to the cross and bring me to my knees and strip me from all that is not from or of you. Galatians 6:9 (NIV) “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Meditate: Now breathe in and out slowly while you count to 30 and let Him speak to your heart. BE IN HIS PRESENCE.


Lentan Devotional Day 32: Unconditional Love

love-quotes-for-her-wallpaper1Sometimes in life you encounter moments that are etched into your heart forever.   Awhile back, I went through another experience that was truly life changing.  I came into this event with no expectations and open to whatever God would allow me to learn.  One thing I experienced was thinking and revisiting my past and envisioning my future.  I feel that God allows us sometimes to revisit our pasts so we can reevaluate and prepare ourselves to take a giant leap forward.  I came to realize how grateful I was for my past, my memories and the ones that have contributed to the woman I am today.  When envisioning the future, I could feel the pure joy, peace and a feeling of love so passionate, that it felt as if electric currents were going through my body every time I would feel this unconditional love.  Still till this very day, I can feel that same feeling.  It is how I can receive it as confirmation of what God has planned and is allowing to happen as time passes for my future.  With every breathe I would take and still do, the deeper the love sinks into my heart.  The more I look through His eyes the more I feel it in my soul.   This feeling is how God feels for us when we accept Him into every part of our life.

As God begins to reveal your future, listen closely to your heart and when fear appears know that it’s not from your Heavenly Father.  Pray and take yourself back to that happy place of unconditional love and focus on what God has planned and wants to reveal to you.  The enemy will always place road blocks and fear when you are walking towards the right path.  Know you are ALWAYS protected and God always has your best interests in mind.  I am so thankful beyond words how every moment that God has allowed me to experience continues to shape me into the woman of courage, strength and no limits.  He is molding me to be, who He wants me to be and that is my Destiny.  I choose for the next season of my life to be unconditionally happy, I choose to be fully present and at peace, and I choose to fully love unconditionally with no limits because my Father is in control!

I wanted to share this beautiful video from the Piano Guys.  As a ballet dancer, I have always had a love for classical music and have felt a beautiful peace and presence when I listen to soft sweet sounds of instruments.  When I came across this video, I was left in awe as it combined God’s Wonder and Beauty with amazing talent.  If I could explain my happy place right now…this would be it…Enjoy!

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”― Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Lentan Devotional: The Waiting Room

Gods waiting room copy

I originally wrote this post back last year but it’s amazing how when I revisit some of my writings, it’s as if God always knows I need it now…Well He is All Knowing!

For awhile, I have been on a roller coaster of trials and emotions with Jesus. I have also seen how He has shown up, conquered and has brought a miracle every single moment. I have been surrounded by the Holy Spirit with such a feeling of awe of His pure glory and I am here to say that GOD NEVER FAILS. He is the Almighty and when He shows up, He makes it grand! The hardest part in my life is and has been what I love to call “God’s Waiting Room”. It has been a struggle for me to wait patiently and trust in His timing but God continues to remove those doubts and replace it with His confidence on a daily basis. I have learned that time over time I have never waited on my own. Jesus has always pulled up a chair and has waited with me, calming me and encouraging me while our Heavenly Father has operated on every aspect of my life especially the emotional and spiritual parts.

When I look back at my life and play the “Lifetime” movie, I can see all the times i have called on Jesus, and how He always showed up in a big and powerful way. God’s timing is perfect and during our waiting he builds up our faith to a level it was not before. Each new waiting period takes us to a higher level. For me it seems as though God is trying to build my levels up very quickly because it seems the trials have been back to back. He is the only one to know the urgency and what His overall plan is. I have learned through Him and those he has brought into my life with words of wisdom, to surrender all and let Him do what He does best…Use me to my fullest potential every single time.

Are you ready to allow Him to use YOU to your fullest potential?

Read: Psalm 130:5-6, James 5:11, Psalm 40:1

Prayer: Thank you lord Jesus for your mercy and grace. I continue to wait patiently on you and your will for my life. Allow me to see your vision and bring me peace and comfort in these times of waiting. I give you all the glory and honor lord because when you show up you show up to let the world know that everything is possible with you. Thank you for hope. Thank you for strength and thank you for being all powerful.

Meditate: Now breathe in and out slowly while you count to 30 and let Him speak to your heart. BE IN HIS PRESENCE.

Reflection Questions: Take the time to reflect on what God has been preparing you for and waiting on…remember you are not waiting alone.

Special Lentan devotional: Left Behind

leftbehindHave you ever heard the saying when someone passes, God always takes the good ones?  So then why am I still here?  This question has been stewing in my mind for the past few weeks.  I am dealing with another sudden and unexpected loss of a close family member that heads home to Heaven and I along with the rest of us is left behind.  Since I hit 40, as silly as this may sound, I have started to feel like when a car’s full warranty expires.   All of a sudden little problems and issues start to plaque the car making you take it in and out of the mechanics shop and everything around as well.  For me physically, it started with severe Sciatica which I healed from, then wearing heels for 12 hours at work turned into a hyper extension and Capsulitis of the big toe, to finally another emergency visit and testing which I will explain in a few.

Since last year’s cancer scare I put all my exercise and running on hold because the doctors told me to take it easy.  The last emergency visit I had now in February, was a major wake up call for me again.  I had been suffering with a pain in my lower right abdominal section for 2 days and after the pain intensifying, decided it was time to visit the hospital.  They admitted me with a diagnoses of appendicitis and rushed to begin many tests.  The outcome was finally less threatening then thought…I had had a ruptured cyst in my ovaries.  That day was extremely painful and hard but it wasn’t because of the physical pain I was enduring.  At the same time I was in the hospital, my first cousin was also down the hall in ICU, in a Coma, because she had suffered the night before a massive stroke at the young age of 52.  My cousin had been feeling ill since the week before but she had been getting better and we had enjoyed time together and enjoyed some funny moments as we always did.  But that day as I was in my hospital room, my family was also in her’s praying and asking for a miracle because it was not looking good.  As soon as I was told that she would not make it, I asked my attending physician for permission to go visit her and say my last words to her.  As I was wheeled to her room, I could not stop to think why?  Why was I receiving healing but she wasn’t?  I was so confused that day.  Why was God choosing to take her home and not me and why now?  So many questions flooded my mind as I entered her room.  I saw my Aunt and Uncle full of sadness, my father with tears in his eyes and my beautiful cousin taking her last breathes on this Earth.   My cousin had an amazing relationship with Christ.  She always taught me from a young age that no matter what, God’s love was always there, always available and that He never failed us.  As I held her hand and prayed that day, I asked God again to make me stronger and to fill me with the peace to handle what was about to happen.  She entered the beautiful gates of Heaven that day as I was released to go home and mourn.

It has been very hard on my family especially on my Aunt.  As a mother you never expect to bury your child at any age.  I fear that she has begun to deteriorate because as I write these words, she is being rushed to the doctor.  God has been working in me and through me the last few weeks, showing me why I am still here.   Sometimes I accept it with open arms and He knows that other times I struggle.  I know that I have a purpose in this life.  I have an abundance of love to share and plenty of knowledge and wisdom to still receive.  But it is so hard to just keep going sometimes.  I know that I have to keep trusting and moving forward in blind faith.  So many changes have begun and are to come and I am processing it all.  The emotions that I endure on a daily basis, I know God allows and uses to mold me into the woman HE wants me to be.  I want to stay centered in Christ, focused on my journey and destiny He has planned for my life.

I have created a playlist that reflect my thoughts and emotions I have been feeling since that day:

Lentan Devotional Day 22: Filled by the Holy Spirit

sf_holySpirit_01sf_holySpirit_01Dove in the air with wings wide openHave you ever felt being sweep off your feet and I don’t mean literally although that is also a wonderful feeling?  What I mean is have ever been so filled by the Holy Spirit that you are just in awe of the glory of God and the Spirit?  God sent down the Holy Spirit to guide us and fill us on a daily basis to live our lives doing His will and not our own.

Read: Judges 3:10-14, John 3: 6-8, Micah 3: 8-10

Prayer: Jesus I know that you have been with me every step of the way.  You have seen and heard my cries, you have felt my pain and you know my every wish and desire.  Fill me with the Holy Spirit and renew me from the inside.  Thank you for the comfort of your love and help me to move forward on the path that you have written for me.  I pray that you begin the healing process for those that have suffered loses or are dealing with medical issues.  Bring favor into their lives and into mine.  Continue to work in me and make me whole.

Meditate: Now breathe in and out slowly while you count to 30 and let Him speak to your heart. BE IN HIS PRESENCE

Lentan Devotional Day 21: Pruning


I wrote this devotional below last year and felt it was perfect to revisit during this time of reflection.

The Emotional Devotional

by a S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D in Faith Mom

In Romans 5:2-4 it says, “through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.  Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance;  perseverance, character; and character, hope.”

When I came across this verse during my devotional time this morning, it just hit me straight to the core.    My oldest son who is 15 years old left 6 days ago on a mission trip to Haiti and for the past week I have been going through an overflow of emotions.  I also have a lot of other changes going on at the same time and sometimes it has been a bit overwhelming to hold strong and in faith but I do.  I surround myself with praise and worship music to sooth my soul and listen to the Holy Spirit.

As a mother it is so tough when the time comes to let our children fly from our reach but that is what God calls us to do.  He has a plan and purpose for their life as well as our own.  He nurtures, teaches us, and then guides us on our path but he allows us to have free will to learn and deal with the trials of life as they come.  Some are small bumps in the road while others are huge mountains with miles of long curves, twists and many ups and downs.  One of the main things that He teaches us is to have or practice patience during those times.  This is hard for me many times in my life as it is at this very moment.  But again Jesus teaches us that our thoughts are not His thoughts so I have come to determine that practicing patience means I must remove myself from the process and let God move in my life and in the life of those around me.

I am in a season of waiting.  I am being pruned and prepared for a great journey and I am not afraid of what I must endure to get there.  I continue to repeat to myself, “God has not failed me yet and He NEVER will!” So I continue to wait.  This week I have had to wait to hear from my son or see him in a photo and last night God blessed me with a sweet surprise, for that I am thankful.  I have had to wait in the past for harder things:  Sitting bed side next to a dying relative, waiting on serious medical results from a doctor for myself, or the years of Infertility I faced.  But through it all God had a plan and a purpose to teach me growth in my faith.  Even though some outcomes were more positive than others, I can again say I survived the wait and He did not fail me because in God’s eyes,  ALL those moments were positive.

As I read in another blog that was sent to me by a friend, these words touched my heart, “Yes Lord you can have my son.”  God thought I was special enough to bless me with the care of 3 amazing children no matter what the world or medical technology had to say and I am in awe and wonder of His merciful grace.  From now on I will never take that lightly because they belong to Him.  I know that what my son is experiencing, is something that God had planned and placed in his life for a purpose.  He also had planned what He would teach me as well this week and the weeks to come.  I embrace them all Lord Jesus because I belong to you and I am eternally yours!

Read: Romans 8:24-30, 2 Thessalonians 1:4-5, Habakkuk 2:3

Prayer: Bless you Jesus, I worship your Holy name.  Lead me to the cross and bring me to my knees and strip me from all that is not from or of you. Galatians 6:9 (NIV) “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Meditate: Now breathe in and out slowly while you count to 30 and let Him speak to your heart. BE IN HIS PRESENCE.

Reflection Questions: I decided for today to share my worship play list that spoke to me.  My prayer is that it also speaks to you for the plan and purpose He has for your life…Be silent, be still and WAIT!

1. Before the Morning by Josh Wilson

2. 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman

3. Lead Me to the Cross by Hillsong

4. The Motions by Matthew West

5. Who Am I by Casting Crowns

6. How Great Thou Art by Sandi Patty

7. Breathe by Michael W. Smith

8. Keep Making Me by Sidewalk Prophets

9. Trading My Sorrow by Jeremy Riddle

10. How Great Is Our God by Darlene Zschech

*All 10 playlists on YouTube together

What did God say to you?  Listen closely to the words He has whispered to you.  He may still be speaking to you.   Please feel free to comment and share.

Lentan Devotional Day 20: Forgiveness

ForgiveForgiveness is sometimes one of the hardest things we can do as a human.  But it is something that Jesus taught us to do and we MUST do to live a life in Christ.  Our Father asks us to seek Him and forgives all our trespasses so who are we to not do the same?

Read: Matthew 5:22-24, Matthew 11:28-30, Luke 7:47-48

Prayer: Blessed day Lord Jesus.  Today I need your help on forgiveness.  I want to start my days with clarity and openness to love unconditionally as you love.  Help me to open my heart and begin the process to forgive those that have trespassed  against me.  I do not want to feel this pain any longer and I release it today.  Renew and soften my heart from the hurt and pains of the present and the past.  Teach me how to let it go and thank you Jesus foe being the perfect example that I must follow.

Meditate: Now breathe in and out slowly while you count to 30 and let Him speak to your heart. BE IN HIS PRESENCE.

Reflection Questions: What did God say to you?  Listen closely to the words He has whispered to you.  He may still be speaking to you.  Who came to your mind when you were praying?  Does Jesus not love them as He loves you?  Remind yourself of this and ask Jesus to help you begin the process of healing & forgiveness with this person.  Repeat to yourself, “Jesus I want to forgive like you.”  What is one thing you can commit to do this week to take the step towards forgiveness? Please feel free to comment and share.

Lentan Devotional Day 19: Believe

tumblr_mn8ien5juJ1rsyhoqo1_500Read:  Psalm 14:2, Acts 15:16-17, Hebrews 11:6

Prayer:  God I know you are faithful in completing in me what you have started.  Renew my heart and my soul with your word.  You are awesome and great is your name.  Father hold me close to you.  I want to bask in your glory and all that you do in my life, I thank you.  Make me whole that I may be your precious masterpiece.  When the trials of life come knocking at my door, I have faith that you will answer with Hope.  Give me strength.  I love you.

Meditate: Now breathe in and out slowly while you count to 30 and let Him speak to your heart.